Submission format clarification
by tdobson - Thursday, September 3, 2020, 16:43:11


I have seen a few questions regarding the submission format but am unable to determine what it should be. For example, the file 'IBI_test_cases_no_target.csv' has 3 columns, the third being the target 'INV_TIME_TO_NEXT_ESCALATION'. When submitting, I get an error 'test cases with no predictions'. My submission has 12724 values, which appear in the third column named 'INV_TIME_TO_NEXT_ESCALATION'. Including the header, my file has 12725 columns.

I have also ensured that the ordering of rows is correct, as per 'BI_test_cases_no_target.csv''

Please can you indicate the required number of columns and their order?

Thanks :)